Thursday, December 04, 2008

Let the games begin

So Austin Madison tagged me in this blog game. Where I have to tell you seven things about me and tag seven other people to do the same. Ready? GO!

#1a Matthias gave me warheads (that candy from the 90's) and I can't stop eating them even though I think they're gross. That was just a fun fact and doesn't really count.

#1 I am Heidi Jo Gilbert. Heidi means battlemaiden, and Gilbert is French. When I moved out to Valencia for school, I was driving through Saugus and found a street called Heidi Jo Lane! It was even spelled the right way! That's what my profile pic is.

#2 I am a twin! I have a fraternal twin brother, named Nick, who was born 45 minutes after me. Which makes me older and wiser. But I believe that my twin in spirit would be Jennifer Hager. We even put the same exact shot in our student films with the same exact score over it!! Unbeknownst to both of us until a few months ago! Check it out. It's creepy (mine's the UNanimated one):

#3 I played soccer year-round from the first grade until I graduated high school. In high school I played on the varsity team as outside halfback all 4 years. And I was captain of the team my senior year! This explains why I completely suck at basketball.

#4 Also in high school, I was nominated for homecoming queen- but I lost.

#5 I'm a sore loser. And I hate Stacey Niesicowski.

#6 I didn't get into CalArts the first time I applied. So, to ensure my success, the second time I applied for character animation in the film school and graphic design in the art school. Thinking that if I could just get into the building I could just transfer to the animation program. The scheme was flawed. But I got into both and happily turned down graphic design.

#7 The World Meteorological Organization names hurricanes each year by alternating between boys and girls names. Starting with the letter A and moving down the alphabet until they run out of hurricanes to name for the year. It's been my secret wish, ever since I learned this, that they would name the "H" hurricane, "Hurricane Heidi." Every other year I get my hopes up. This year the "H" hurricane was set to be a girls name....They named it Hannah. Whatever Hannah!

Here are the suckers I'm going to tag!

Chacon, Michelle
Hager, Jennifer
Lee, Minkyu
Linton, Mike

Molina, Adrian
Peterson, Eric
Treiman, Lissa

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I made a comic!

Ha ha. I came up with this idea a long time ago. (it took a LOT longer than I expected to finish this! Even though it's so short and pretty silly.) Later I found out that some of the folks at Disney are doing comics answering the question: What is Torch Tiger. Ha ha! I wasn't around when all of that went down and I'm not involved with the project. But I decided that if I were, my answer would totally be that Torch Tiger is the ninja cat identity Squash imagines himself to be when he starts tearing around the apartment! There would be more ninjas involved than this. And LOTS more flaming fur. Ha ha. If I have the motivation...I'd like to draw Squash on fire and show you!

(Squash is the name of our cat. His brother is Stretch. That's for all you animation nerds)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now I owe Jen twenty eight smoothies.

Because I'm going to start animating at Disney! I just got word yesterday. And I'm really really excited to try animation and to work with Jen and Minkyu. But also a little sad that I won't be doing story for the time being. Story, I will not forsake you!

Anyway, to celebrate, I'm posting my reel! This is what I gave to Disney, along with some of my other gesture drawings that are previous posts here. All my animation was done in two and a half weeks of crunch time before films were due my fourth year! (not recommended). Hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

If I were a super hero my super power would be...

Font identification. Lame huh? I know. I can't even come up with a good superhero name. But I can recreate these logos with ease because I know their fonts!

(I got to work on the Olympics when they came to Salt Lake City!)

same as:same as:

same as:same as:

Ha ha! I worked in graphic design for two years before I went to CalArts. So for a little change of pace, I thought I'd put up some of my more recent adventures in graphic design! This first one is not done at all and I don't really know why I'm posting it. I haven't shown it to my friend who it was designed for. And I still have to do the flame. Oh well.
This is the title logo for my film!
This is a design from some dog t-shirts my work had me do like 6 years ago. It got me an American Graphic Design Award! My friend and I are trying to reinvent them and get the website started again.

And lastly, Jen asked me to design her Animation Reel DVD cover for when she was applying to Disney:

She didn't go for it.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Is this"

Something stupid I said to my friend when we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week and were confronted with this!

Sharks may be too awesome to be contained in a drawing. Which is maybe why this guy took a shark, stuck it in formaldehyde, and called it awesome. And called it art!

I've recently become obsessed with drawing them.

Ha ha that top right one is pretty stupid. Maybe shark will become the new gator!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Haven't gotten all the crocs out of my system yet. Can't imagine I will have anytime soon.

Monday, March 31, 2008


One day you will get tired of me only posting gesture drawings. Today is not that day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Justin Wright (March 8, 1981-March 18, 2008)

I've been putting off a post like this for a while because I just feel like there's nothing I can say that can sum up Justin. There's nothing I can come up with to express how much he meant to me. And I can't say anything as meaningful as what he deserves. So in an effort to at least put something up in his memory, I'm just going to keep it short and say that I'll miss you Justin. And that I'll save a place for you in my heart forever.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sketchbook Scribbles

Wow. Well in an effort to revive this dead dead blog momentarily...I post some sketchbook drawings!

Kind of random. I know. Tomorrow (and by tomorrow I mean within the next week) you can look forward to more alligator drawings! Because I can't stop drawing them. Later!