Thursday, December 04, 2008

Let the games begin

So Austin Madison tagged me in this blog game. Where I have to tell you seven things about me and tag seven other people to do the same. Ready? GO!

#1a Matthias gave me warheads (that candy from the 90's) and I can't stop eating them even though I think they're gross. That was just a fun fact and doesn't really count.

#1 I am Heidi Jo Gilbert. Heidi means battlemaiden, and Gilbert is French. When I moved out to Valencia for school, I was driving through Saugus and found a street called Heidi Jo Lane! It was even spelled the right way! That's what my profile pic is.

#2 I am a twin! I have a fraternal twin brother, named Nick, who was born 45 minutes after me. Which makes me older and wiser. But I believe that my twin in spirit would be Jennifer Hager. We even put the same exact shot in our student films with the same exact score over it!! Unbeknownst to both of us until a few months ago! Check it out. It's creepy (mine's the UNanimated one):

#3 I played soccer year-round from the first grade until I graduated high school. In high school I played on the varsity team as outside halfback all 4 years. And I was captain of the team my senior year! This explains why I completely suck at basketball.

#4 Also in high school, I was nominated for homecoming queen- but I lost.

#5 I'm a sore loser. And I hate Stacey Niesicowski.

#6 I didn't get into CalArts the first time I applied. So, to ensure my success, the second time I applied for character animation in the film school and graphic design in the art school. Thinking that if I could just get into the building I could just transfer to the animation program. The scheme was flawed. But I got into both and happily turned down graphic design.

#7 The World Meteorological Organization names hurricanes each year by alternating between boys and girls names. Starting with the letter A and moving down the alphabet until they run out of hurricanes to name for the year. It's been my secret wish, ever since I learned this, that they would name the "H" hurricane, "Hurricane Heidi." Every other year I get my hopes up. This year the "H" hurricane was set to be a girls name....They named it Hannah. Whatever Hannah!

Here are the suckers I'm going to tag!

Chacon, Michelle
Hager, Jennifer
Lee, Minkyu
Linton, Mike

Molina, Adrian
Peterson, Eric
Treiman, Lissa


Adrian Molina said...

Hahaha! Numbers 4 and 5 are definitely my favorite!

Jennifer Hager said...

Haha! Man seeing those two clips back to back is pretty hilarious. :)

Munchanka said...

I almost wrote the same exact thing as Adrian, does that make us twins? We don't have identical shots in films, but we do have the same initials.

Food and Drugs said...

We liked a lot the two clips you posted. Expresions are very natural.

just some dude said...

Heidi, you need to update your blog.

just some dude said...

P.S. You should link to mine:

pdbg said...

Sadly, Heidi was a hurricane in the 1967 season, so it's probably not coming around again.