Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Football America: Our Stories Documentary

In case any one missed this, I thought I'd post it here.  This is the documentary that NFL Films made as the culmination of the Together We Make Football Story Contest.  It originally aired just before the game on Super Bowl Sunday on FOX.  It features the stories of the five winners, along with fans across America sharing their stories of why they love football.  I LOVE this film! I'm so overwhelmed that my story got to be a part of it.  How did I get to be one of the lucky few to represent America's love of the game!?  It's all because of you!  Thank you so much to everyone that voted and supported me through out this journey.  I've gotten so many e-mails and messages from Patriots fans, football fans, and other artists and animators supporting me.  It's been an indescribable ride!  One that I'll never forget. Thank you doesn't seem to cover it.  But I'm still gonna try! Please know that you all have my sincerest heartfelt thanks.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Football America: Our Stories

Here is a short storyboard sequence the NFL asked me to do for their Football America: Our Stories documentary.  (Shout out to Jen Hager and Minkyu Lee for helping me out!)
I was able to finally see the documentary in its entirety this last Tuesday, and I am so overwhelmed and proud to be a part of it!  If you love football in any way, be sure to tune in.  It had me crying right from the beginning! I’m so happy my story could be a part of this celebration of America’s love of the game.  Football America: Our Stories will air on Super Bowl Sunday on FOX at 1pm ET.  Be sure and check it out! It will feature the final of this sequence, and a FaceTime conversation I got to have with Tom Brady.
You can check out a trailer for the film at http://togetherwemakefootball.com 
If you’re interested in prints of my Patriots drawings, check them out here.