Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I like to draw dogs!
From my pile of old drawings:


Justin Wright said...

Awesome, the little pug type dog, I'm not a dog expert, is my favorite. Gorgeous stuff. You should design more dogs, more!

Q/Minkyu said...

Heidi Got a Blog!!!
I like the first one and the third one but especially the first one. That dog must be recycled in some film in some way!
Dogs are my favorite animal.

Jennifer Hager said...

These dogs are sweet, but you still haven't drawn the sweetest dog ever!! The German Shepherd! ;) Maybe I will draw one.

Emma said...

Heidi! The boston terrier is awesome. You totally captured the buggy-eyed spindly-legged terrierness of him.

Good to see your work again!

Heidi Gilbert said...

Thanks you guys! And hey Emma! Thanks for what you said! It means a lot! :)