Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm posting from home sweet home in Utah where I spent my Thanksgiving! And yeah it was great to see my family and be surrounded by the awesome snow-capped mountains. But the best part about being home was soaking up the good old hometown rivalry! BYU vs. University of Utah Football game! YEAH!!

I went to watch the last half of the game at my sister's house. But when I got there, it was a sorry sight. I walk in and my sister and her Utah fan friends are beaming! I get downstairs and my brother is laying on the floor in front of the TV with his head in his hands and the game turned off. He said to me, "Heidi I don't want to watch BYU lose!" Come on man! Have a little faith! We turned the game back on to see BYU and Utah both score touchdowns putting the score at Utah 31, BYU 27 with 1:19 left to go! BYU passed down and got stopped at the Utah 11 and there were only 3.2 seconds left! My sister and her roomates start celebrating. My brother starts crying, but I said, "NO! We still have ONE PLAY LEFT! If they score on this play that will be AMAZING!"
My brother: "But they won't."
My sister: "But they won't."
Sunny: "But they won't."
Krissi: "But they won't."

The clock starts, Beck moves to the right, Harline cuts to the left, Beck lets it fly, Harline drops to his knees and catches it in the endzone to give BYU a glorious victory over the University of Utah!! ...I was the only one that believed. :)

All right. I did draw over the weekend. I drew some dogs during the dog show, and sketched some of the football game. But I just posted dogs last time, and I was a little distracted during the game. So I'm just going to post some scarecrow scribbles! I've been trying to get better at drawing faster. So these are just some scribbles I did trying to practice. The color one is my very first drawing on a cintiq! I still need to get the hang of it. Oh and the Christmas colored inks weren't intentional. But make for a nice post-Thanksgiving post! :) Enjoy!


Jennifer Hager said...

Hey Heidi! I'm back at work and I hate it, but you updated and that is AWESOME! I really like those scarecrow drawings dude. They feel confident and animationy. Especially the second page. Yeah dude. I can't wait until you start animating your film! Also I guy with the license plate, "IWERKS" cut me off this morning. ;)!

Edward Juan said...

That's adorable heidi.

SMacLeod said...

Man you're really good at drawing fast too! That's a funny story, I love sports stories, there aren't enough out there! At least on art blogs ;)

SMacLeod said...

hey heidi, I just posted some more EHShepard artwork. Enjoi.