Friday, October 27, 2006

Hello World!

I have finished my boards!!! And to celebrate....I create a blog!

Security tried to kick me out of the lab because of the lame Halloween Party. But they couldn't stop me!

Here are a couple of boards from my film this year. I know they mean absolutely nothing out of context. You'll just have to watch the film to see what happens! Riveting I know. Enjoy!


Jennifer Hager said...

These are nice drawings Heidi! :)!

Justin Wright said...

First off. I love those drawings. ESPECIALLY the first one! The like quality that you have in both is amazing. Anyway. I'm leaving a commen to tell you how awesome they are AND that I've changed my web address. it's Just thought you'd like to know, so you can change it! :)

Adrian Molina said...

This is total crap Heidi.

I posted the very first comment in your blog yesterday, and what do I find today but that charlatan JEN HAGER's post where mine is supposed to be!

Well I'll say what I said yesterday, but this time I'll make it curt and unemotional:

Blogs are good >:|
You'll love having a blog >:|
You can post cool stuff like an oil painting homage to tetris attack or an abstract representation of the never-ending story theme song >:|
I like your boards . . . I GUESS >:(

Your friend >:P


Heidi Gilbert said...

Wow guys! Thanks! I'm so happy you guys are commenting! And that you like it!

Justin- I'll change the address right now!

Adrian- I can't stop smiling. I think i will have to find some time to do BOTH of those suggestions. Ha ha ha. never-ending story theme song?! Oh that's good. I'll be laughing at that for a while.

As for first posts...I think you and Jen should fight. That's the only way to solve all your problems.

AnimatorNickB said...

Yeah!!! Heidi's got a blog now!! Of course I'm always slow to learn such info, by like half a month! I love the boards, even though I have no idea whats going on, cause they're only 2 boards. But they sure are pretty drawings!!! Can't wait to see your film I'm sure its gonna be awesome!