Saturday, February 01, 2014

Football America: Our Stories

Here is a short storyboard sequence the NFL asked me to do for their Football America: Our Stories documentary.  (Shout out to Jen Hager and Minkyu Lee for helping me out!)
I was able to finally see the documentary in its entirety this last Tuesday, and I am so overwhelmed and proud to be a part of it!  If you love football in any way, be sure to tune in.  It had me crying right from the beginning! I’m so happy my story could be a part of this celebration of America’s love of the game.  Football America: Our Stories will air on Super Bowl Sunday on FOX at 1pm ET.  Be sure and check it out! It will feature the final of this sequence, and a FaceTime conversation I got to have with Tom Brady.
You can check out a trailer for the film at 
If you’re interested in prints of my Patriots drawings, check them out here.

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Jspencer said...

Heidi I tried posting earlier, but am again just to say I thoguht your Fox special was awesoem and your story was great. I am a Pats fan from Boston and an Animation Supervsior at Blue Sky. I am friends of Bobby Pontillas and Audrey Bagley who left to work at Dreamworks so it's a small world. Congrats on your story and dreams. All the best. Enjoy the Super Bowl. Go Pats. Tom will get them back before he is done.