Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kimono Dragon

This post is for Nick. My twin brother. He wants me to screen this on a t-shirt for him. I have no time. So I post. Nick, now you can look at it endlessly. Maybe you'll get your shirt in May.

Here's a picture strip of Nick and me. Don't we look like twins? We're making the exact same face! The second one down is my favorite.

PS: Updating is easy when you post old drawings!


Jennifer Hager said...

Pretty awesome and pretty cute! :)

Moro Rogers said...

Yeah, very cool! (PS, sorry for not linking you earlier, I will link you now.^^)

TURCIOS said...


Chelsea said...

Hey it's Chelsea...Ammon's fiance...your parents told me that you had a blog so I decided to check it out while I'm in class. You've never met me but I feel like I know you from all the things that I hear about you! Rogue is the funniest dog and so smart! I hope mine and Ammon's dog grows up to be like her! Your pictures are great...the ones with Nick. He cracks me up. And I can't believe how well you do when you draw. That is amazing! Keep it up and good luck with your film in May!